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Orbograph is more than a check recognition or healthcare solution provider to many customers and industry players. We pride ourselves on taking a consultative role with the philosophy of being a partner instead of purely a vendor for our 1300+ end-user customers. Orbograph adds-value to the check and revenue cycle management workflow by offering our expertise in many ways including:

  • Initializing primary research and sharing results to the industry
  • Analyzing secondary market research, i.e. per unit processing costs
  • Making recommendations for optimization techniques to the overall payment flow
  • Working closely with hardware or software vendors which complement the process

To help our customers with their business decisions, Orbograph has identified a need to widen our relationship network with companies who specialize in a particular niche or solution which supports the customer. In doing so, we have created a new classification called Alliance Partnerships.  Our Alliance Partners provide solutions ranging from:

  • Software and toolkit providers that improve image processing
  • Select scanner manufactures and distributers
  • Hardware support vendors
  • Document printing providers

Orbograph Alliance Partners incude:

We will continue to form these alliances with companies which are willing to cooperate with Orbograph and support the goals of our mutual customers. Contact Joe Gregory for more information or click here.


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