Automated Endorsement Analysis (AEA)

Automated Endorsement Analysis (AEA) uses advanced image analysis techniques to scan the back of check images to ensure valid endorsements. By detecting endorsements systematically, financial institutions are better able to manage the risk of check fraud, minimize bank-to-bank litigation, reduce dollar thresholds, as well as comply with industry regulations. Orbograph’s Automated Endorsement Analysis allows a depository bank to test virtually every check prior to clearing as a means to mitigate risk.

AEA can be activated on any workflow as a module within the Orbograph suite of recognition-centric solutions. Examples of workflow utilization include:

  • Real-time RDC/Mobile: flagging improperly endorsed items before they are cleared
  • Day 2 RDC: flagging improperly endorsed items early Day 2
  • Teller line: automating the teller capture process
  • High dollar: run on inclearings during IQUA process, integrate with deposit operations
  • High speed capture: Day1 process on OTC items

System Benefits

  • Reduces manual review
  • Reduces the risk of redeposited items
  • Gains operational efficiencies
  • Expedites process workflow
  • Full use of the check's back image


Automated Endorsement Analysis


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