Automation for Check Cashers

Orbograph’s Automation for Check Cashers provides a wide range of recognition capabilities which support the scanning and deposit processing of checks at any check casher location.

The check cashing process for companies in the money services business (MSB) is traditionally manually intensive with many risks. Applying high performance CAR/LAR and check recognition technologies to read and validate the fields of the check can streamline manual processes, reduce fraud risk and improve the user experience.

The industry is in need of innovations which can improve margins, as IBIS World predications estimate growth rates of only 1.6% per year for the next five years. The ability to automate transactions will support a more efficient operation resulting in higher revenues per employee (RPE). In 2012, RPE was only $103.38, down for a high of $110.36 in 2004. IBIS World anticipates RPE can achieve $113.38 with the right tools in place.

Leveraging 20+ technologies deployed within the Automation Services check recognition solution and blending our high performance Accura XV engines with special check casher capabilities, Automation for Check Cashers provides a wide range of check recognition and fraud prevention capabilities including:

  • Multi-engine Courtesy Amount Recognition and Legal Amount Recognition optimized for:
    • CAR/LAR: Free reading check amounts
    • Amount Verification: Verification of amounts assigned to the check
    • CAR/LAR Discrepancy: Testing for alterations and variations
  • Data Verification: Confirmation of low confidence CAR/LAR results
  • Dynamic Thresholding: The ability to provide higher scores for individual deposits
  • Image Quality Assurance (IQ): 13+ tests compliant with FED and FSTC settings
  • Image Usability Assurance (IU)
  • Image Integrity (II): Confirmation that the right image is associated with the MICR line
  • Automated Endorsement Analysis (AEA): Confirmation of the presence of an endorsement on the back of the check
  • Signature Detection: Confirmation of the presence of signature on personal and business checks
  • MICR Recognition: Free read of MICR line or repair of scanner rejects
  • Payee Name Verification/Payee Matching: Confirmation of account holder name on check
  • Payer recognition: Typically used to build database of check payers/makers
  • Managed Recognition reporting

Tangible/Intangible Achievements

  • Automation for Check Cashers provides 94%-99% levels of automation (assuming good image quality)
  • Identifies customer amount key errors
  • Reduce risk of check fraud by customer
  • Superior image quality controls with standardized approach across enterprise
  • More reliable operation
  • Reduce risk of items deposited twice (endorsement detection)
  • The last recognition technology you will ever need
  • Aggressive market pricing


“The check cashing market has been scrutinized by banks for some time. We believe that by supporting the requirements of check cashers with various recognition technologies, we can not only improve the customer experience, but also support improved controls which reduce losses and risks for financial institutions processing deposits for this market.”

- Joe Gregory
VP of Marketing, Orbograph


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