Automation of Paper Payments

The goal of the healthcare industry in revenue cycle management should be to eliminate paper checks and remittances and move toward electronic payments. Electronic payments and remittances reduce labor overhead, improve accuracy, speed the payment cycle and provide downstream application benefits in areas like denials and business intelligence.

A transformational approach to 100% electronic payment and remittance files from payers is not always realistic due to logistical limitations of certain payers and restricted EDI 835 formatting capabilities. Even with these challenges, straight-through processing on all paper-based payments and remittances can be achieved with the Healthcare Payments Automation Center (HPAC).

HPAC delivers automation of paper payments and remittances via its Orbograph Paper2Post (P2Post) service. This offering extracts and balances transaction data from scanned images of EOBs, correspondence letters, checks and patient payment coupons. Paper2Post then creates EDI 835 files or ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice) for posting into the patient accounting system or hospital information system.

Orbograph Paper2Post relies on Opti-Lift™ Technology as the underlying component to automate the processing of these images. A sophisticated, multi-engine OCR (optical character recognition) methodology is utilized to automate extraction of data. Then, downstream quality control processes are activated to insure postability and accuracy of the EDI 835 output.

Watch the 4 minute video interview of Joe Gregory, VP Marketing of Orbograph and A.J. General Manager of NHXS, division of TriZetto, a Cognizant company by Health Data Management. Topics include hot topics of Revenue Cycle Management & Explanation of Benefits Conversion.



“The Orbograph Paper2Post is combines a recognition-centric workflow combined with extensive quality control processes to deliver major benefits as providers look to eliminate paper-based processing.”

- Roni Boker
Product Manager - Healthcare, Orbograph


Orbograph P2Post and E2Post


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