Automation Services LE™ (Local Engine)

Automation Services LE (Local Engine) relies on up to 15 different recognition technologies (Accura XV with Next Generation Recognition) to attain local engine performance with guaranteed automation/read rates of 90% and accuracy levels of 99%. For clients who chose not to implement the full Automation Services, Automation Services LE is based on a volume-based usage model and requires no upfront capital investment. Large national financial institutions, community banks and service bureaus who control item processing as a full in-house solution, can secure long-term benefits as “the last recognition solution you will ever need”.

Tangible Achievements

  • Up to 30% cost reduction in data entry and balancing with immediate ROI
    • Example: 100,000 items per day can equate to $55,000 savings per year
  • Guaranteed cost reduction as volumes decline: protect profit margins
  • Compress image processing timeframes: process branch work faster and better support next day Reg. CC availability
  • Eliminate ongoing software maintenance costs
  • Leverage hardware for multiple recognition applications

Intangible Achievements

  • Eliminate capital investment: Transfer recognition costs to an expense item
  • Reduce staff management challenges and maximize FTE utilization
  • Free software upgrades
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysis by Orbograph Client Services
  • Business Intelligence (BI), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), eReports delivered via e-mail


“Automation Services LE provides an aggressively priced, high performance solution which requires no capital investment. ”

– Yaron Katzir
Product Manager, Orbograph


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