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Business intelligence (BI) is implemented within the HPAC Portal in the form of meaningful charts, graphs and tables for business analysis purposes. The goal of BI is to allow for the easy interpretation of these large volumes of data. By the use of graphical data representation, critical trends and reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) within the healthcare payment data of the system is available.

Initial uses of BI within HPAC are used within the Operational Dashboard include:

  • Volumes of paper-originated EOBs, correspondence and patient payments processed
  • Dollar value of each remittance and payment type processed
  • Dollar value and volume of claims billed

This Operational Dashboard enables healthcare providers, system aggregators, lockbox processors or any business partner to slice and dice the volumes processed to address internal reporting and auditing requirements. Selection of data can be done by any filter such as provider, date range, or hierarchy of the processing environment.

 A new medical receivables view of all data processed in the system for specific providers is also available. BI capabilities enable the user to view multiple payment types via a variety of chart views.

The functionality of the HPAC Portal with BI capabilities are being expanded everyday. Future capabilities within the system will include: analytics, data mining and business performance management.


“The integration of BI, using best-in-class technologies, provides the HPAC Portal with a value proposition which extends beyond posting automation and into an entirely new value proposition for our clients.”

- Avikam Baltsan
Co-President and Chief Technology Officer


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