Business Partners (Healthcare)

Orbograph business partners in healthcare payment automation cover a variety of functions within revenue cycle management. These companies integrate the Orbograph Healthcare Payments Automation Center (HPAC) into their respective solution suites as a critical component to adding value to the payment cycle. Orbograph business partners represent a wide range of companies which play a diverse role within the revenue cycle including:

  • Clearinghouses which aggregate claims and remittances on behalf of providers
  • Medical lockbox and remittance software companies which sell to providers and financial institutions
  • Financial institutions offering medical lockbox and treasury management services to providers
  • Specialty revenue cycle companies which offer solutions including denial management and patient payment estimators
  • Billing companies which provide full practice management and billing services to providers
  • Practice Management System (PM) software companies
  • Hospital Information System (HIS) software companies\

    HPAC continues to be certified by wide range of financial institutions and PM/HIS vendors on an ongoing basis. Although many of these companies are not listed separately in the business partner list, they are actively processing work and have certified the import and export of information from HPAC.

    Watch the 4 minute video interview of Joe Gregory, VP Marketing of Orbograph and A.J. General Manager of NHXS, division of TriZetto, a Cognizant company by Health Data Management. Topics include hot topics of Revenue Cycle Management & Explanation of Benefits Conversion.


    To request an updated list of Business Partners (Healthcare), please contact your Orbograph representative or click here.

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