Business Partner Overview

Orbograph business partners represent the most successful and well respected organizations in the field of check and healthcare payment processing. The majority of Orbograph check recognition clients purchase our software and services via business partners (resellers). Occasionally, there are end-user clients who manage their own software development processes. These companies also look to Orbograph as a means to experience the transformational benefits of our recognition solution suite.

Our software and services in check processing enable transformation in the check experience by improving processing automation, reducing fraud losses, delivering risk mitigation, improving quality, streamlining operations, reducing costs and expanding new product offerings in customer acquisition and cross sale. The Orbograph check recognition solution set is typically integrated as a highly valued module within a range of check processing applications including:

  • Check processing applications (teller, branch, regional or centralized) for national, regional, and community banks and credit unions
  • Service bureaus offering check and remittance processing services
  • Remote deposit capture and self service workflows including flat bed, check scanner, kiosks and smartphone devices
  • Check fraud detection and prevention as a fully functional application or component integrated within a wider suite

The Orbograph Healthcare Payments Automation Center (HPAC) enables transformation in healthcare payments by converting paper into electronic transactions, improving efficiencies in payment reconciliation via EFT Reassociation to ERA, improves regulatory adoption of Administrative Simplification and reduces costs overall. Business partners in healthcare represent a variety of functions within revenue cycle management and integrate HPAC into their respective solution suites as a critical component to adding value to the payment cycle.

Orbograph’s top-rated client services group is a critical component to our partnership approach by assisting our partners accelerate software integration. This group provides technical support for our many interfaces which include C#, .NET or Java. Once the integration is completed, the client services group provides Level 1, 2 or 3 software support for the partner depending on the agreement.

Lastly, Orbograph sales and account management teams help drive sales growth and market penetration by creating win-win-win strategies and materials which can be utilized in the partner’s marketing and sales activities with their end-user clients. Orbograph solutions become recurring revenue engines rather than providing basic functionality as a cost of doing business.

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