Check Fraud Prevention

Orbograph’s recognition-centric check fraud prevention solutions protect financial institutions from fraudulent check transactions. Our ability to drive down false positives while delivering optimal detection rates is based on a robust set of image fraud detection technologies combined with sophisticated fraud scoring models.

Orbograph’s check fraud prevention strategy has been adapted to today’s image exchange and Check 21 environment. Check fraud continues to trend upward with losses increasing at a rate of 5% annually per the 2009 ABA Deposit Fraud Survey. Risk mitigation is critical for financial institutions even with declining check volumes. Additionally, outside the realm of fraud prevention, Orbograph’s Sereno can be considered under the compliance umbrella, adding incremental value to the solution suite.

Automated Endorsement Analysis (AEA) uses advanced image analysis techniques to scan the back of check images to ensure valid endorsements. By detecting endorsements systematically, financial institutions are better able to manage the risk of check fraud, minimize bank-to-bank litigation, reduce dollar thresholds, as well as comply with industry regulations.

Payee Name Verification (PNV) is the third application under fraud prevention. Combined with positive pay applications or teller capture, PNV provides additional protection to the customers of financial institutions.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) business models available for Orbograph Check Fraud Prevention Solutions provide immediate return on investment for financial institutions and service bureaus. Traditional software licensing with maintenance is also available depending on the application.

“Risk mitigation using check images has been available for some time now; however, few vendors have fulfilled the promise of operational efficiency combined with full risk mitigation. Our ability to deliver on both fronts drives a high value proposition to our solutions.”

- Barry Cohen
Orbograph General Manager

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Automated Endorsement Analysis



Automated Endorsement Analysis





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