Check Fraud Prevention

Orbograph’s recognition-centric check fraud detection and prevention solutions protect financial institutions from fraudulent check transactions. Our ability to drive down false positives while delivering optimal detection rates are based on a robust set of image analysis and data analytic fraud detectors; all of which are aggregated within sophisticated fraud scoring models.

Although the aggregate value of check fraud attempts and losses is currently trending lower for the financial industry, check fraud and risk mitigation continue to be critical for financial institutions even with check volumes declining. Extending beyond the realm of fraud prevention, our solutions can also address various compliance requirements in anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) and Red Flags (identity theft).

Orbograph’s strategy is to provide a flexible architecture which can be implemented across a wide range of centralized or distributed image capture and image exchange environments, providing immediate results (referred to as Day 0), same day results (Day 1) or for the next day (Day 2).

Whether your financial institution is looking to reduce fraud, limit staffing, redeploy resources, reduce dollar thresholds or expand coverage in targeted areas, our solution suite can support your needs.

Sereno is the most robust solution leveraging a wide range of image analysis and data analytic technologies to detect counterfeits, forgeries and alterations.

Payee Name Verification (PNV) is typically combined with positive pay applications and/or teller capture to protection on-us customers from payee alterations.

Automated Endorsement Analysis (AEA) uses advanced image analysis techniques to scan the back of check images to ensure endorsements are present. By detecting endorsements systematically, financial institutions are better able to validate all checks in an automated manner.


“Risk mitigation using check images has been available for some time now; however, few vendors have fulfilled the promise of operational efficiency combined with full risk mitigation. Our ability to deliver on both fronts drives a high value proposition to our solutions.”

- Barry Cohen
Co-President, Orbograph





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