Check Processing Solutions Overview

With Orbograph’s recognition-centric check processing solutions and services, you can achieve major operational improvements to reduce costs by as much as 40%, while ensuring superior ROI.

Beyond traditional CAR/LAR recognition and OCR recognition technologies, Orbograph’s innovative, performance-packed capabilities deliver maximized check and form processing efficiency, minimized risk through check fraud detection, expanded deposits with data mining services and cost savings with forms automation solutions.

Check Recognition Solutions

Orbograph’s Check Recognition Solutions are recognition-centric, check processing solutions and licenses, enabling the operations department of financial institutions and service bureaus to achieve industry leading read rates and accuracy levels.

Check Fraud Prevention

Sereno, Automated Endorsement Analysis and Payee Name Verification deliver a breakthrough in fraud prevention and compliance benefits for Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 workflows.

Data Mining for Marketing

Orbograph’s On-Demand DMR uses check image data to create customer lists for new customer acquisition and cross-sale campaigns. An integrated turnkey marketing campaign service is also available.

Forms Automation

Forms processing services are licensed using Software as a Service (SaaS) business models to eliminate the challenge of procuring capital expense funding for a software purchase.

“The time is right for financial institutions and service bureaus to fully leverage the investment of their imaging platforms. Orbograph’s Automation Services business model provides a migration strategy that not only reduces short term costs by 30-40%, but guarantees continued reductions as volumes decline. This model applies to fraud detection, marketing and forms.”

- Barry Cohen, Orbograph General Manager


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