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Orbograph delivers “The Best Recognition. PERIOD.” for a marketplace which wants MORE!

How do we do it? Orbograph Check Recognition Solutions utilize the industry’s most advanced OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition) and data verification technologies to attain near straight-through-processing levels of efficiency in any check workflow.

Recent breakthroughs can also be seen via innovative breakthroughs in Accura XV including:

  • V100: Virtually 100% recognition on small transactions
  • Dynamic Thresholding: Updates scoring thresholds real-time as varying deposit sizes are encountered
  • Balancing Optimizer: Scores items for accuracy and offers a new transaction order for large deposits

Coupled with our leading recognition technology is a unique monitoring program which insures your business case is achieved. Orbograph’s Managed Recognition program monitors actual recognition performance to achieve service level agreements (SLAs) with performance guarantees.

As the market has evolved, we are now extending the capabilities of check recognition into multi-channel, real-time image validation capabilities for our new solution, OrboAnywhere™ .


“By using Orbograph’s Automation Services, we will be able to attain a seven figure savings over the life of the agreement Our platform choices were working fine for us, but we felt there were significant inefficiencies with our existing recognition system. We needed a solution that would minimize capital investment, yet yield significant and proven savings without risk. Orbograph provided a robust solution with seamless implementation. Not only are we hitting our efficiency targets, but we are seeing additional benefit in the workflow utilization of our staff. Another important advantage is the comprehensive business intelligence reporting capability incorporated in the Automation service. We are now able to drill down and analyze the performance of our operation.”

- Tim Dillow, Senior Vice President
Regional Operations Support Manager for BB&T
(Orbograph Press Release Quote)


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