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The Orbograph Paper2Post (P2Post) solution extracts index data from scanned images of paper-based correspondence which is typically mailed from a payer to a healthcare provider.  Correspondence, also referred to as denial letters, represent a variety of health plan/payer communications including, but not limited to, insurance payment denial explanations, additional documentation requests, authorization approvals, authorization rejections, patient medical necessity determinations, bill under review and legal correspondence. Many providers manually enter this information from paper into the billing system after the document is extracted from mail and transferred to the denials department.

Orbograph Paper2Post extracts important index information from these letters and creates an EDI 835 file, or Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), which is a ready for importing into the Practice Management System (PMS) of a group practice, patient billing system from a private practice or hospital information system (HIS). These EDI 835 files are typically created with “zero dollar” amounts because a payment is not being made. Paper2Post can also customize the formatting in order to address specific PMS/HIS requirements.

Fields extracted from correspondence typically include claim ID, insurance company name, correspondence reason, letter date and patient account number. The information is archived on the HPAC system and fully searchable by the indexes from within the HPAC Payment Portal. Ease of access to the images of the letters streamline the process of working appeals and clarifying the required documentation. Simple HPAC Portal search and filter criteria includes date, payer or type of correspondence.

Tangible Achievements:

  • Eliminate manual entry of correspondence information
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Next day or two day turnaround for indexing
  • Virtually eliminate posting errors
  • Consolidated denial information on HPAC Portal with access to images of originating documents
  • Expedite denial appeals
  • Reduce receivables and improve collection process
  • Minimizes delays in secondary billing
  • Long term archive of transaction data and images integrated with remittance and claim information
  • Reporting on denial codes and remark codes

Intangible Achievements:

  • Reduce staff management challenges and maximizes FTE utilization
  • Free software upgrades
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysis by Orbograph Client Services
  • Business intelligence (BI) and volume tracking
  • Improve HIPAA compliance position by eliminating manual paper routing and exposure


    "Correspondence automation is an important add-on benefit to Orbograph P2Post as it improves accuracy and efficiency of the denials process. The financial impact in accelerated denial processing and secondary claims can be significant."

    Roni Boker

    Product Manager, Healthcare Solutions of Orbograph




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