Desktop Check Analyzer

Desktop Check Analyzer (DCA) is a stand-alone application which enables back-office processing operations, corporate cash management centers and branch locations to quickly and easily evaluate their corporate client’s business check formats based on the attributes of payee name field readability as well as overall quality and usability of the image.

DCA verifies document quality and performs field usability tests to verify if the fields of the check are conducive to automated recognition software like Orbograph’s Payee Name Verification (PNV). Once the tests are completed, application reporting provides clear and concise feedback to the corporate customer on how to modify its “source documents” in order to keep manual processes to a minimum.

Tangible/Intangible Achievements:

  • Simplifies analysis of corporate client checks
  • Reduces risk for fraud for bank clients in area of alterations
  • Standardizes new account sign-up processes
  • Insures automation and match rates for PNV
  • Minimizes client daily interaction on false positives


"The DCA tool simplifies the sign-up process for new positive pay accounts and improves the corporate clients experience with PNV."

- Yaron Katzir
Product Manager, Orbograph



Desktop Check Analyzer


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