EDI Processing Services

The move to electronic claims, remittances and payments is the “end game” for achieving straight-through processing of healthcare transactions. This has a myriad of benefits, but also improves downstream application like denials and business intelligence.

Getting to 100% electronic payment and remittance has many technical challenges. Even with standards for formatting, posting, communications, etc. there are always going to be individual requirements demanded by healthcare providers or PMS/HIS system vendors before adoption can take place.

HPAC delivers a robust blend of flexible, parameter-driven options to facilitate the use EDI files. However, even when formatting requirements are diverse or outside industry standards, HPAC has the flexibility to address these needs via a range of customization and file management methods.

The Orbograph Electronic2Post service along with various reconciliation and viewing tools, enable entities involved in the revenue cycle and payment arena to continue the move toward maximizing the use of electronic files.


Orbograph P2Post and E2Post


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OrboNation Connections


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