EFT/ACH Reassociation to ERA

EFT Reassociation to ERA was introduced to the healthcare marketplace as a means to link a remittance advice to a payment via a reference identifier (TRN) located in both the electronic remittance advice (ERA) as well as the ACH payment. The HHS standard identifies the EFT transaction as a HIPAA transaction, and requiring Payers to provide the payment as an EFT via the ACH Network if requested by the Provider.

EFT Reassociation to ERAs was designed as an important tool to enable the industry to more quickly move to electronic payments. Interestingly enough, a partial move to ACH/EFT payments can actually complicate reconciliation and cash posting because of the mixing of payments from different types described on the Payment Reconciliation page. The Orbograph HPAC solution enables Reassociation via the following process:

  • All 837 claims, 835 ERAs, ACHs and EOBs are uploaded to HPAC
  • HPAC converts any EOBs into 835 files
  • HPAC matches ERAs with CCD+ Addenda Records using several data elements. The result is a view of all matched and unmatched payments which include the TRN
  • In cases where ERAs and CCD+ Addenda Records don’t match, exception information can be viewed with the anticipated date of deposit

By improving the process of reconciliation using EFT/ACH Reassociation to ERA, achievements will include:

  • Faster reconciliation times and reduce labor overhead
  • Reduction in secondary billing delays
  • Reduction in delayed collection of patient self-payments
  • Reduced receivables and bad debt
  • More accurate posting of receivables before cash is received (Note: it is a violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley provisions related to accuracy of financial statements)


“We completed the painstaking certification process of CAQH CORE Phase III for the purpose of demonstrating to the market that HPAC provides a robust Reassociation capability which automates the labor intensive reconciliation process of manual reconciliation.”

-Bryan Bruton
Technology Business Executive, Healthcare Solutions


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