Electronic Content Management

AIIM, a leading organization in Electronic Content Management (ECM), defines ECM as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as “the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.”

HPAC delivers ECM functionality by leveraging a platform designed to provide immediate search access to information stored on the system, for daily balancing, reconciliation or posting, or for meeting long-term HIPPA archive requirements.

The strong HPAC platform architecture stores a wide range of data formats for seven+ years, based on the requirements of the HIPPA covered entity. Data formats supported include: EDI (837, 835), TIFF/JPEG images, PDF files. Additionally, all transactional data, once imported into the system is stored as part of a relational DB approach, linking claim data to remittance information no matter what source document was used to create the data.

The HPAC Portal provides the entry point into the information with its easy to use search and retrieve capabilities. Additionally, reporting and business intelligence aggregate the information and present summary and trending views based on the history of the data.


“A strong archival foundation, access to all information via an industry leading portal, blended with a layer of business intelligence, provides a comprehensive solution around all transactions typically necessary in healthcare payments.”

- Bryan Bruton
Technology Business Executive, Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare Payments Automation Center


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