EOB Conversion

The Orbograph Paper2Post (P2Post) solution converts scanned images of originating paper-based Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms into an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) which is a “post ready” payment files. These files are imported into the Practice Management System (PMS) of a group practice, patient billing system from a private practice or hospital information system (HIS). Standard formats for the payment files are typically ANSI X12 835 EDI. However, Paper2Post can also customize the formatting in order to address specific PMS/HIS requirements. Workers compensation EOB's are also processed.

The provider/lockbox/clearinghouse experience with HPAC and Paper2Post is very streamlined. Images are simply uploaded via a secure FTP connection to HPAC and all processing happens in the background. After 12-48 hours, the originating entity simply pulls the 835 files and feeds them into the PMS/HIS.

Due to the complex nature of EOBs, Paper2Post utilizes a variety of technologies and process methodologies to automate the processing of EOBs to insure postability and accuracy of the EDI 835 files. The system utilizes a six-step process comprised of a variety of critical components including:

  • Opti-Lift Technology™ leverages best-of-breed optical character recognition (OCR) software along with dynamic EOB adaptation, EOB layout validation image enhancement/quality assurance for amazing automation rates.
  • Field level controls merged with post processing completion insures more complete and accurate output. For example, 837 claim data is used to validate service line and transaction information.
  • Automation management is the overall systematic process monitoring which tracks system productivity at both a processing level as well as AWS infrastructure level.

Tangible Achievements

  • Eliminate the complex multi-step process of data entry, balancing and business rule validation of EOB posting
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Virtually eliminate posting errors
  • Accelerates collections and cash position
  • Minimizes delays in secondary billing
  • Streamline working denials and improves the cash position of the provider.
  • Improve HIPAA compliance position by eliminating manual paper routing and exposure

Intangible Achievements

  • Reduce staff management challenges and maximizes FTE utilization
  • Free software upgrades
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysis by Orbograph Client Services
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and volume tracking


"Our underlying technology is unique to the industry and provides our clients with reliability, speed and accessibility. Coupled with our client-focused Client Services group, this service provides world-class EOB conversion services and a comprehensive solution."

        - Bryan Bruton
        Technology Business Executive, Healthcare Solutions of Orbograph


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