Healthcare Analytics

The Healthcare Payments Automation Center (HPAC) is a platform which provides access to claim, remittance and payment information stored on the system for both short term and long term information requests as well as tactical and strategic reporting purposes.

On a daily basis, the HPAC Portal simplifies the end user experience for patient inquires and supporting administrative functions by giving access to all information stored on the system. Reporting of volumes processed, files received, payments, claims, remittances, medical receivables can be completed via strong business intelligence capabilities of the system.

HPAC can also be implemented a repository of all claims, remittances and payments no matter if they are electronic or scanned images of paper. The ability to store this information for seven+ years, as a long term archival, classifies the system as an electronic content management (ECM) system.

This robust dataset provides the basis for viewing long term trends or researching activities using the strong analytic tools of the system.


Healthcare Payments Automation Center


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