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Orbograph’s suite of healthcare payment automation solutions enable transformation of the payment process by converting paper payments, paper remittances or electronic remittance advices into customized ANSI X12 EDI 835 files which automate posting of receivables into patient accounting systems, practice management and hospital information systems. The result: straight-through processing levels of efficiency within revenue cycle management (RCM).

The foundation to the Orbograph suite of solutions is The Healthcare Payment Automation Center (HPAC). This cloud-based platform delivers automation, efficiency, cost reduction and improved cash flow (receivables) in three major areas:

  • Automation of paper payments is completed via The Orbograph Paper2Post (P2Post) application which extracts data from a variety of images for 835 file creation. Capabilities include: EOB conversion, correspondence letter automation, patient payment processing.
  • EDI processing services is offered via The Orbograph Electronic2Post (E2Post) application. This module expands 835 files which have limited data sets from select payers and appends robust claim data for customized EDI 835 file exports. Additionally, payment reconciliation addresses a wide range of payment reconciliation challenges including consolidated EOBs, single checks, EFT/ACH Reassociation to ERAs as well as ACH payments received with EOBs.
    • Healthcare analytics are provided via the HPAC Payment Portal. The HPAC Portal provides a comprehensive electronic content management (ECM) system for research and archive of all payment types processed using HPAC. Additionally, a variety of business intelligence (BI) capabilities are offered for volume reporting, receivables analysis and denials management. Although robust enough to stand on its own, many times, The HPAC Portal is used as a secondary tool to an existing system which might be limited in its research or storage capabilities. This enables healthcare providers or lockbox servicers access to additional billing information.

      The business case for these services are broad in scope, providing value to potentially all companies in the healthcare payment stream. To the provider, significant cost reduction and improved cash flow can be attained. To the lockbox servicer, financial institution, biller or clearinghouse, added efficiencies as well as innovative new cash management service offerings can be added.


                 “As the healthcare industry transitions from paper to electronic, our solutions are designed to eliminate the paper and the associated labor inefficiencies, as well as add value to the revenue cycle. This value provides the foundation to expand our partnerships in banking and healthcare.”

                - Barry Cohen
                Co-President, Orbograph


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