Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Orbograph Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (HRCM) provides end-to-end electronic conversion to facilitate and streamline the processing of payments between the payer (health insurance company), the medical lockbox service (financial institution) and the healthcare provider.

Our solutions convert, match and reconcile complex paper-based or electronic files from claims, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA) to ensure accuracy of the payment transaction. This expedites the proper posting of medical receivables into the Provider’s Practice Management or Medical AR system.

Formally named Orbograph P2Post and Orbograph E2Post, these offerings are hosted by Orbograph on one of our technology hubs in the U.S. Requiring no local software installed both options offer a HIPAA compliant short-term and long-term electronic content management (ECM) archive with an Revenue Cycle Management Client Portal for secured access by providers or financial institutions for research and reconciliation.

The business case for these services are broad in scope, providing value to healthcare providers and medical lockbox companies. To the provider, significant cost reduction and improved cash flow can be attained. To the lockbox provider, added efficiencies as well as innovative new cash management service offerings are added. Typically, financial institutions or third party billers implement Orbograph healthcare revenue cycle management solutions as an integrated component to their treasury management or lockbox/remittance processing offerings.

These solutions address compliance concerns within the revenue cycle management process and also streamline secondary bill submittal of medical claims and exception management by addressing short/incomplete payments and denial of payment of medical claims.

“The Orbograph Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management solution suite is a strategic investment for the company. Our organization leverages existing relationships in both the banking and healthcare fields and provides the most efficient, cost-effective solution in the market today.”

-Roni Boker
Director of Product Management, Healthcare Solutions