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The HPAC Portal is the entry point into Orbograph’s Healthcare Payment Automation Center (HPAC). Using a strong log-in credential and security approach, the browser-based web portal provides access to all files and transactional data stored on HPAC, including:

  • EDI 837 submitted claims
  • EDI 835 electronic remittance advices generated from payers
  • Scanned images of EOB’s
  • Scanned images of correspondence letters
  • Scanned images of patient payments
  • Transactional data generated from all scanned images
  • Virtual EOB/EORs populated with electronic source information

Orbograph has just announced the newest addition to our HPAC solution: HPAC Denial Analytics.  HPAC Denial Analytics provides organizations with detailed reporting and insightful metrics on the performance and trends of denials identified either via ERAs or EOBs. The result is to maximize the recovery of revenue on denied claims, reduce leakage, and shorten accounts receivables.

HPAC Denial Analytics allows users to either view high level denial totals/dollars or filter and analyze a myriad of levels and categories including:

  • Claim Adjustment Reason Code (CARC)
  • Remittance Advice Reason Code (RARC)
  • Claim Status
  • Payers
  • Providers (Rendering Physicians)
  • Diagnosis

The system is very user friendly and designed for access to individuals across the enterprise at the healthcare provider. Titles of typical employees accessing the system include: CFO, VP of Revenue Cycle, Director of PFS, Manager of Payment Adjudication/Denials/Correspondence, Patient Billing Specialist, Posting and Reconciliation Specialist as well as Financial Information Systems Manager.

Utilization of the HPAC Portal can be selective by customer. For example, for providers with limited research capabilities in their existing PMS/HIS/Remittance platforms, the HPAC Portal can be used as the primary source for researching payment and remittance information. Meanwhile, others may choose to utilize HPAC for only automation of paper payments, may have very limited requirements to access the HPAC Portal other than auditing and control purposes.

To better illustrate how the system can be used for each role within the healthcare provider, a demonstration powerpoint has been created to highlight the screens most applicable for each role. To request a copy of this powerpoint, please email info@orbograph.com.  

See how South Nassau Communities Hospitals are utilizing Orbograph's HPAC:  





“The HPAC Portal is designed to provide an efficient and pleasant user experience, providing access for those who want payment, remittance or claim information. In some cases, the information is summary data, while in others it is service line or reconciliation-based.”

- Phil Hetrick
Healthcare Payments/Revenue Cycle Sales Product Specialist


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