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Orbograph is continuously monitoring the industry for resources which can help our clients and friends stay on the leading edge of technology. In doing so, we refer industry publications as they come available. See industry papers below.



The Omni-Channel Retailing Research Special Report


Educate, Listen and Improve Equipment Performance to Increase RDC Adoption


Top 5 Revenue Cycle Management Software Report by PBP Media

Orbograph was selected as a vendor for its “game changing” EOB conversion/data lift technologies and innovative reassociation capabilities for ACH (automated clearing house) payments with electronic remittance advices (ERA).


Increase Security Through Signature Verification Technology

Today’s technology equips forgers and other unscrupulous individuals with powerful tools to pass counterfeit signatures off as the real thing. However, while technology has enabled theft, it has also armed businesses with the highest level of automatic signature verification solutions – both online and off.


Reduce Exception Item Processing Costs: New Technology Paves the Way to New Savings

Cummins Allison



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White Papers

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