Traditional check recognition, image quality and image usability capabilities are no longer adequate to meet the changing needs of today’s Omnichannel. Increased accuracy, sophistication and functionality are needed to address incremental automation, risk, compliance, quality and fraud requirements.

The Omnichannel for banks is changing. Self service workflows have increased their share of the deposit mix of checks and paper-originated negotiable items deposited, cashed and processed. This shift in mindshare is the driving force behind branch transformation initiatives.

The consumer expects an absolutely consistent and seamless experience across all platforms. They are not so tolerant of interfaces and functions that don’t relate across all deposit, withdrawal, and account information-dispensing touchpoints. Additionally, new systems need to mimic human behavior, but do it instantaneously across all channels.

OrboAnywhere™ is a new Orbograph solution designed to automatically validate the negotiability of paper-originated items from any self-service, POS or any capture workflow within the Omnichannel of a financial institution. Traditional workflows can also route item volume through the system as well from both distributed and centralized workflows as new business logic identifies operational, fraud and compliance risk scenarios from each image with 20+ newly developed, real-time scenario scores.


“With OrboAnywhere™, its not just reco anymore. It’s multi-channel real-time image validation...”

- Joe Gregory
Vice President of Marketing, Orbograph

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Ensuring Payment Negotiability in the Omnichannel While Delivering a Consistent Client Experience


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Orbograph Completes Successful Proof of Concept Testing of OrboAnywhere™


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