OrboAnywhere™ - Real-Time Image Validation

What is OrboAnywhere™

OrboAnywhere™ is an evolution in technology; automatically validating the negotiability of paper-originated items for any self-service, centralized or distributed capture channel within the Omnichannel of a financial institution. OrboAnywhere™ is ubiquitous; available everywhere at anytime, 24 hours/day.

Business Case Benefits:

  • Operational efficiency and quality
  • Risk mitigation
  • Fraud loss reduction
  • Improved regulatory compliance and reporting (AML/KYC/BSA/UCC)
  • Big data and marketing improvements

OrboAnywhere™ for Financial and Self-Service Workflows


Click here to see the official product launch of OrboAnywhere at BAI Payments Connect 2016.

“As banks have seen a decline in branch traffic, self-service technology is experiencing major growth. In order to maximize consumer and corporate adoption, self service channels need better tools to provide a consistent client experience. This experience is driven by how the system performs as well as the overall automation success rate.”

- Joe Gregory
VP of Marketing, Orbograph

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OrboAnywhere™: Real-Time, Image Validation

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Ensuring Payment Negotiability in the Omnichannel While Delivering a Consistent Client Experience


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Orbograph Completes Successful Proof of Concept Testing of OrboAnywhere™


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