OrboCAR Accura XV

OrboCAR Accura XV is our 15th anniversary recognition solution and is the underlying core engine technology for all Orbograph check recognition systems. The culmination of many man-years of development, Accura XV typically delivers check read rates which can climb over 95% depending on the mix and environment with over 90% read rate at 99% accuracy levels across any range of scanners and mix of bank documents. Additionally, Accura XV-based image quality/usability (IQUA) tests improve detection levels over competitors single engine solutions.

Recent breakthroughs can also be seen via innovative breakthroughs in Accura XV including:

  • V100: Virtually 100% recognition on small transactions (typically retail oriented)
  • Dynamic Thresholding: Updates scoring thresholds real-time as varying deposit sizes are encountered
  • Balancing Optimizer: Scores items for accuracy and offers a new transaction order for large deposits

Accura XV achieves unparalleled recognition performance though the use of 15 different recognition technologies. Additionally, a powerful setup module called OrboTool, optimizes intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies by setting up specific templates for each type of non-check item, i.e. internal bank documents and remittance coupons. Accura XV handles a wide range of scanner vendors and document requirements, from static amount fields to complex teller validations, including:

  • Money Order/Traveler Checks
  • Cash In/Out Tickets: Teller validations with multiple formats and locations
  • Remittance coupons: Handwritten amounts and OCR line recognition for scanline fix
  • Deposit tickets: Front and back image recognition of handwriting and validation
  • IRDs: Automatically recognizes information on images
  • MICR Line: Reject repair (flip, rotate or invert image flags)
  • Multi-field Recognition: Account, tran code or miscellaneous fields
  • Mark sense detection: Identify check boxes in remittance and POD processing
  • Remotely Created Check (RCC) detection

Available for workstations, servers or virtual machines, Accura XV can run in any centralized or distributed workflow and is the underlying technology behind all Automation Services packages. View "Check Recognition Workflows" to learn more.

Tangible Achievements

  • Virtually 100% levels of automation for small, retail transactions
    • Teller recognition example: Can save 78% of the remaining keystrokes
  • Streamlines corporate deposits and RDC workflows limiting misreads to 2 in 1,000 items
    • RDC example: Can reduce # of transactions to manually balance by 80%
  • Outperformance many recognition systems in production today by up to 25% in read rate at low misread levels
  • Virtually eliminates manual searches for out-of-balance large deposits
  • Leverages hardware for multiple recognition applications (enterprise-wide)
  • Migration program available to all Orbograph clients with migration credits

Intangible Achievements

  • Reduce staff management challenges and maximizes FTE utilization
  • Free software upgrades
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysis by Orbograph Client Services
  • Business Intelligence (BI), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), eReports delivered via e-mail


“We have seen 15 new business partner/client implementations over the past year for a very diverse set of customer installations. Many of these retail environments had similar technical requirements to that of remittance processing as well as mobile RDC. By optimizing our solution in Accura XV 2.1, we are now able to deliver the Next Generation of technology to these marketplaces as well.”

- Andy Leonhardt
VP of Sales, Orbograph


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