Virtual Client Conference 2014

Orbograph Virtual Client Conference 2014

We are taking the Orbograph Client Conference “virtual” in 2014, delivering an online, easy-to-attend experience for today’s busy payments and healthcare executives.

Register now and join us on February 19th and 21st from 1-3 PM EST for our 2014 Virtual Client Conference featuring two-two hour sessions highlighting the latest and greatest in check recognition and healthcare payment automation. Our keynote speaker is John Casillas, CEO of BoardTrust, LLC and founder of the Medical Banking Project on Friday. During these sessions, we will be “Crossing the Chasm. Together.” representing a collaborative effort to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and straight-through-processing in check processing and healthcare payments.

This conference, available to both non-clients and existing customers at no cost, will cover a wide range of topics and is ideal for product managers, operations, treasury department employees, developers, market analysts, decision makers and technical support personnel. Whether you are a business partner, alliance partner, financial institution, service bureau, biller or healthcare provider, we have something for you!

Virtual Conference 
Day 1 - Check Focus

Virtual Conference 
Day 2 - Healthcare Payments

Dates: Wednesday February 19th
Time: 1-3 PM EST
Cost: Free

Dates: Friday February 21st
Time: 1-3 PM EST
Cost: Free

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Agenga - Day One - Check Processing Focus



Introduction, Is there a check processing or healthcare payments chasm?



Orbograph corporate update

  • Company strategy and health
  • Achieving More in check recognition
  • Envisioning More for healthcare payments automation



Research Report: Check Processing Survey Results from Financial Institutions



Orbograph Check Recognition Update Session

  • Why is Next Generation Recognition important?
  • How is Accura XV and Automation Service enabling straight-through-processing
  • 2013 deliverables hitting the marketing in 2014 via channel partners



Enterprise Recognition Deployment of Orbograph: Use Cases

  • Teller capture with Accura XV
  • POD processing with branch capture
  • PNV
  • RDC/ATM/POS automation
  • Healthcare payments



Automation Services Suite for RDC/Mobile/Kiosk/Vault/Remittance



Q&A: Conference Day 1 Closing

Agenda - Day Two - Healthcare Payments Focus



Day 1 Recap, New Technologies to Automate Healthcare Payments



Putting technology to work via HPAC



Keynote Speaker: John Casillas, CEO of BoardTrust, LLC., Healthcare Payments Industry/Opportunities



EOB Conversion and Reassociation Use Case



See it for yourself (demonstration)



Q&A: Conference closing

Register now to join us on February 19th and/or February 21st for this exciting event!

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