Payee Name Verification

Orbograph PNV (Payee Name Verification) uses targeted OCR recognition technology to pre-printed business checks and compares the payee to a payee issue file value to proactively protect bank customers and bank checking accounts from fraud alterations.

PNV can be a very valuable addition to the positive pay function of the treasury department at a bank. Typical positive pay applications match only on serial and amount information, leaving payee alterations as a possible fraud scenario not well covered. Treasury clients appreciate the ability to match on payee as a stronger fraud prevention measure.

Orbograph PNV is licensed as a separate module and can coexist with Accura XV installations, levering the hardware investment from the core recognition platform. 

Solution highlights include:

  • Flexible, programming interface
  • Ability to use various thresholds based on engine match scores
  • Can be run as separate workflow or integrated with IQUA and II
  • Utilized by many of the top 25 US financial institutions
  • Free software upgrades
  • Maximum coverage and read rate tuning available


Payee Name Verification & Amount Verification


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