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The deposit function of checks has evolved significantly as distributed capture concepts have empowered retail and treasury departments within financial institutions with the ability to implement innovative solutions to the deposit function. What traditionally was a commodity activity in a branch, can now be handled with a highly branded software-based client experience on a mobile or self service device, kiosk, ATM, RDC scanner or highly automated teller capture system.

The consumer and business client can now improve their banking experience by eliminating a trip to branch locations, experiencing a consistent user experience across all deposit encounters and utilizing highly intuitive software capabilities. Banks, retail customers and corporate clients have all seen customer satisfaction levels improve due to these new methods to handle banking transactions.

Additionally, innovations for the unbanked and underbanked, such as transferring funds to smart cards or credit cards immediately from checks, has expanded the reach of banks outside of its traditional customers.

Orbograph recognition software is now priced, packaged and optimized for the following environments:

  • RDC & Mobile Deposits
  • ATM and Kiosk Transactions
  • Check Cashers
  • Point of Sale (POS) 

By creating a set of product offerings specific to each market vertical, Orbograph can now address the specific needs of each workflow with its suite of capabilities.  Typically these workflows require additional functionality beyond CAR/LAR recognition.  Additionally, the price point is much lower due to smaller transactional volumes.  Orbograph solutions address these needs for a wide range of parties including system integration partners, data centers, corporate clients who developer their own applications, remittance processors as well as banks.


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