Sereno: Image Analysis and Data Analytics 

Sereno is Orbograph’s most comprehensive check fraud detection and prevention solution for financial institutions and service bureaus. Sereno integrates image-based detection with transactional history (data analytics) to provide the lowest false positives rates and the most accurate fraud detection in the industry for identifying counterfeits, forgeries and alterations of checks.

Sereno operates 35 image analysis and recognition technologies merged with parameter driven application logic to optimize performance and benefit to the financial institution. When transaction data is available, all results are merged together using Multi-Source Correlation Modeling™. Image analysis can be run without transactional data. Key system technologies include:

  • Image analyzers: check stock validation (CSV), automated signature verification (ASV), amount recognition and verification, CAR style comparison, payee matching, automated layout recognition (ALR), MICR OCR recognition, PAD detection, IRD recognition, missing signature detection, dual signature detection and serial number matching
  • Data analytics: serial out of range, amount out of range, new account logic, watch lists, high dollar, duplicate detection, inactive account and dormant account
  • Customer profile database allows for automated building of profiles from check images ingested from existing data sources. Once completed, the system will have a statistical and image representation of check writing behaviors of each client stored on the system
  • Orbograph IQUA to filter out image defects from the fraud workflow

Sereno’s enterprise deployment options are available for a wide range of processing environments including:

  • Day 0: Real-time teller workflows, self service devices including ATM, mobile RDC, etc. targeting check cashing fraud
  • Day 1: Same day fraud detection in POD processing or inter-bank image exchange, back counter branch capture
  • Day 2: High speed centralized processing for traditional next day suspect review processes

The inherent, multi-bank profile database enables financial institutions to also create profiles of transit checks for deposit fraud. This flexibility provides an entirely new concept in deposit fraud prevention.




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