What Makes Orbograph Different

Differentiation is a challenge for many companies where products look and sound the same. But we are lucky at Orbograph to have a number of critical differentiators which really sets us apart…really!!!

First of our, our technologies which build out our solution sets are second to none! We’ll take anyone on, head to head, in a check recognition or EOB conversion “bake off”. And you what? We usually win. We challenge you to put us to the test! <link>

Couple this better performing solution with a strong business orientation and value-based pricing model, and we’ll almost always have the lowest ownership costs over the life of the product. Cha ching $$$. Best performing and lowest cost!

Every company tries to install within its employees a motivation which helps the company execute its vision. Whether these techniques come in the form of a mantra, a philosophy, slogan or values, bringing it all together is never easy and sometimes employees just don’t buy it. But at Orbograph, the people we employ become part of the Orbograph family. It’s a way of life which is always focused on the needs of the client or business partner.

So there you have it. Our differentiation is that we perform the best, at the lowest cost of ownership and are a company whose people are easy to work with. We think our company slogan says it all: Envision More. Achieve More. Now that’s enabling transformation!

More for Orbograph Resellers

As an integral part of your full processing solution, Orbograph makes your job easier and more effective. By taking advantage of our solid, cost-effective business models with flexible product offerings to meet your range of client needs, your relationship with Orbograph presents a win-win-win situation all the way through to your end customer. Orbograph delivers quality, timely products that you can stand behind – bulletproof, full-featured and performing at the top levels you would expect. All of this backed by expert level support for smooth integration and by dedicated professionals in all areas of our business that work closely with you to ensure a highly successful partnership.

More for Orbograph End Users

As an Orbograph user, you can maximize your results to gain the greatest amount of overall cost savings – all while minimizing risk in your operation. Increase efficiency, lower labor costs and reduce software capital investment. And know that you are supported when you need it most with responsive service from professional Orbograph experts and a range of timely solutions that best fit the market situation and your operational requirements.

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