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As a premier supplier of recognition software for the U.S. check and lockbox processing markets, as well as electronic/paper automation solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), Orbograph’s business philosophy is to be industry, partner and client friendly. Many of the companies we work with are summarized below:

  • With the majority of clients purchasing our software and services via business partners (resellers) we work closely with vendors of the check processing market as well as revenue cycle management companies. These companies are highlighted under Business Partners (Check) and Business Partners (Healthcare).
  • End-user clients in healthcare include hospitals, group practices, physician groups, specialists, doctor practices and large dental practices.
  • End-user clients in the financial industry include large national banks, regional banks, community banks, credit unions, service bureaus, remittance processors as well as international banking partners in select countries.
  • In both the financial industry and healthcare industries, we participate in many of the trade shows and expos as well as present targeted topics which support the topics of these shows.
  • Orbograph also forms alliances with a variety of companies which complement the industries in which we play.
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